FEB 25th 2015

McLaren 675LT revealed – it's like a 650S, but more!

The last time McLaren released details on the new 675LT, it only showed us a wheel. Now the Woking firm is ready to reveal the whole prior to its Geneva show debut. The LT designation is short for Longtail and is a nod to the F1 GTR racers of the same name. In just the same way that those cars marked a step up in aerodynamic efficiency and a reduction in weight over the GTRs that went before, so the 675 pulls the same trick on the 650S. It also adds a healthy dose of extra power – 675PS (666bhp) for the new car, up by 25PS over the 650S. But you already guessed that from their names…

The 675LT is to be the most track-focused McLaren of the newly designated ‘Super Series’ that remains road legal, and will be available in coupé form only. It’s McLaren’s answer to the Ferrari 458 Speciale, itself soon to be replaced by the 488.

This is much more than a visual makeover. The 3.8-litre V8 has received so many changes that McLaren has issued it a new designation. Amongst the 50 per cent new components are revised turbos, cylinder heads, exhausts, camshaft and conrods.


The most obvious aesthetic change is the Longtail itself – although don’t expect an increase in wheelbase or rear overhang. It’s the job of  a larger (by 50 per cent) airbrake to live up to the name. Despite its greater size, it’s lighter than the airbrake on the 650S thanks its carbon fibre construction. The carbon fibre theme continues throughout the car, with a large front splitter up front and redesigned sideblades. Five colourways are unique to the 675LT. 

The increase in power and decrease in wight gives the 675LT some impressive performance statistics: 0-62mph in 2.9sec and a top speed of 205mph. 

The Geneva show is going to be significant for McLaren, with not only the 675LT making its debut, but also the production spec P1 GTR.


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