FEB 18th 2015

McLaren P1 GTR launch colour scheme pays homage to iconic racer – see it at Goodwood!

We’re already feeling McLaren GTR fever here at Goodwood, thanks to the demonstration of 15 (and counting) F1 GTRs that’s due to take place at the 73rd Members’ Meeting. Amongst that number will be the famous Harrods liveried car, chassis number #06R, that claimed third place at Le Mans in 1995 in the hands of Derek Bell, Justin Bell and Andy Wallace. That was the F1’s debut year at the 24-hour race, in which seven F1 GTRs raced and they dominated proceedings. Chassis #06R had one of the longest racing careers of all the F1 GTRs, and chalked up numerous victories after its Le Mans outing.


Twenty years on, we’re celebrating that event at the Members’ Meeting – and McLaren is revealing the production version of the track special P1 GTR at the Geneva show. And the colour scheme for the launch model? The same yellow and green as #06R.

So what has changed since the P1 GTR design concept was unveiled at last year’s Pebble Beach event? Very little, in fact. Aerodynamics and cooling are improved, but other than that it’s going into production almost exactly as we’ve already seen, 986bhp 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 and all. You can read more about the car’s specification in our original launch piece here, or you can stay on this page and indulge in the gallery above where P1 GTR meets F1 GTR.


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