FEB 20th 2015

What can we learn from this glimpse of the Aston Martin Vulcan? (with video)

A week ago, Aston Martin shared with us the sound of the Aston Martin Vulcan in a teaser video – but we didn’t get to see it. We already know that it’s a track-only car, in the same vein as the Ferrari XX range and the McLaren P1 GTR, but not a lot else yet. Today, there’s a new video where we get to hear it revving while static – but we also get the tiniest hint of what the car will look like.

From the rear view, it gets typical Aston Martin treatment around its back lights. But you also see hints of a huge wing and diffuser – and evidence of side-exit exhaust pipes. This moves the marque on, way beyond even the bespoilered Vantage GT3 that was revealed earlier this week.

As is often the way with these pre-launch teaser videos, there’s not much to see. To help out, we’ve brightened up a still from the video (below) to expose the car’s look a little more. We’re on the case to bring you full details and photos for the reveal next week…


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