MAR 03rd 2015

New 911 GT3 RS ‑ first official details of Porsche's most focused road‑going 911

The new Porsche 911 GT3 RS has been revealed in Geneva, boasting a spec the company claims offers ‘the maximum degree of motorsport technology currently possible in a street-legal 911’.

 The 911 GT3 RS is powered by a naturally-aspirated 4.0-litre six-cylinder engine making 500hp and 340lb ft, combined with a specially developed PDK transmission. That’s enough to catapault the car from 0 to 62mph in 3.3 seconds and on to 124mph in 10.9 seconds.

Porsche says functions such as de-clutching by the ‘paddle neutral’ facility – which is comparable to depressing the clutch with a conventional manual gearbox – and speed limiting by the ‘Pit Speed’ centre console button have been customised for motorsport use. These features give drivers more freedom in terms of exploiting the driving dynamics, while also providing them with more assistance when driving on a race circuit.


The 911 GT3 RS has also been lightened – although it’s more a ‘skipping lunch’ approach than a full-blown diet. The roof panel is made of magnesium; carbon fibre is used for the engine and luggage compartment lids, and other lightweight components are made of alternative materials – mods which combine to bring the RS model a 10kg weight advantage over the 911 GT3.

The Geneva show press blurb describes a distinctive, wide-arched bodyshell derived from the 911 Turbo, that boasts a number of RS-specific aerodynamic add-on components including the front spoiler lip, which extends nearly to the road, and the large rear wing.

The front luggage compartment lid features a uniquely contoured surface structure, and a 30 cm wide recess which runs upwards through the middle of the CFRP bonnet and the magnesium roof. This styling cue is reminiscent of the similar feature that was a tradition on the front lid of classic 911 models with air-cooled engines, says Porsche. Another striking characteristic are the unique front wheel arch air vents that extend into the upper section of the wings.

The chassis of the 911 GT3 RS has been tuned for maximum driving dynamics and precision. Rear-axle steering and Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus with fully variable rear limited slip differential increase agility and dynamics, and the wider front and rear track widths enable even higher roll stability than in the 911 GT3. In addition, the 911 GT3 RS features the widest tyres of any 911 model as standard. 

The interior design of the 911 GT3 RS with Alcantara elements is based on the current 911 GT3, but with sports seats based on the carbonfibre ‘bucket’ seats of the 918 Spyder super sports car. Other standard features are the Club Sport Package with a bolted-in roll cage behind the front seats, preparation for a battery master switch, and a separately provided six-point safety harness for the driver and fire extinguisher with mounting bracket.

The cost for all this 911-shaped temptation? ‘From £131,296’. First UK deliveries are expected in May.

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