MAR 16th 2015

New Ford Mustang Causes Internet Stampede

We’ve been waiting for 50 years for the Ford Mustang to finally make the journey across the Atlantic, so, when they finally announced that the latest model will go global, everyone expected a stampede worthy of the animals whose name the car bears.

What they didn’t expect was demand so great that Ford’s website was swamped with over 500,000 people in just the first week their online ‘configurator’ was live.


So starved have we Europeans been of the joys of America’s iconic pony car that when reservations first opened during the Champions League final, the initial allocation was snapped up in just 30 seconds.

The configurator was launched earlier this year and the initial rush of interest saw over 1.1million wild horses people flock to the website in a month to configure a Mustang – more than any other Ford model.


Opinion amongst those who created their dream car was split on how to power the Mustang, 50 per cent wanted the traditional V8, the rest opted for the new EcoBoost four-potter, while two-thirds of cars configured featured a manual gearbox.

As for colour Europe seems to be divided on the thorny issue of paint, with the UK and France plumping for a shiny red finish while Germany, Italy and Spain opted instead for black.

Now the only question left is which colour will you want to see go up the hill at the Festival of Speed?

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