MAR 25th 2015

Video: All‑new Jaguar XF Revealed In High‑Wire Stunt

You have to hand it to Jaguar. It has for some time now been going all-out in every department to genuinely rival (in some cases surpass, even?) its German rivals. From its active involvement in historic motorsport, to the design and execution of its cars, Jaguar is very much ‘in the moment’ right now.


The latest example of the Whitley firm taking things as far as it can is this video showing the reveal of the all-new XF. Oh to have been present at the meeting when someone said ‘hey, let’s suspend one above the Thames with Canary Wharf as a backdrop and drive it from one side to the other on a high wire?’ and then sat in awe as the reply ‘love it. Get it done!’ came back. 


The car itself is the second generation XF, and to our eyes it’s a hit. Jaguar Design Chief Ian Callum and his team seem to have evolved the current XF shape and have thrown in some XE and a faint drizzle of F-Type to make a very handsome saloon indeed. Despite being shorter than the outgoing car, it apparently boasts class-leading rear legroom – a neat trick. Callum describes it as ‘…assertive and aggressive, without being vulgar – it’s very British.’ As well as its good looks, it’s claimed that the new car enjoys enhanced aerodynamic efficiency and blends soft curves with straight lines and sharp edges to achieve this. It’s also an impressive 190kg lighter and 28% stiffer, too.


It won’t be on sale until September, so for now you’ll just have to tantalise yourself with this remarkable footage of one driving across the Thames without using a bridge. 

How on earth will Jaguar reveal the F-Pace – high-wire across an active volcano? Hang on, better patent that idea …

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