MAR 03rd 2015

Video and pics: Aston Martin Vantage GT3 special edition

Aston Martin designer chief Marek Reichman has been quoted elsewhere describing the new Vantage GT3 special editon as ‘a car that’s whipped-off its bespoke suit and slipped into the lycra’. 

We can’t really forgive the sweaty sportswear analogy (which we’ve paraphrased, but only slightly!), but here in the Goodwood Road & Racing office we do rather like the new 600hp(ish) V12 powered machine in spite of its uncharacteristic (for Aston) demeanour.

We’ve described the Vantage GT3 here on GRR previously, of course, but it’s being shown for the first time in public today at the Geneva motor show. To help those of you who can’t be there to ‘feel the fever’, Aston has kindly uploaded this eminently watchable video of the car in action.

And we’ve kindly uploaded a gallery of their pictures below. Enjoy!

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