MAR 16th 2015

Video: How to Drive a Ferrari Daytona around Sebring

Fans of our ‘How to Drive…’ series may be familiar with the name of Jim Pace. Somewhat surprisingly, despite boasting an impressive CV (that’s resume to our friends in the States) he’s never raced at the Revival, but on a few occasions now we’ve turned to him to give us a good impression of what it’s like to drive various historic racers at speed. Remember the Porsche 911 RSR at Le Mans or the McLaren M6B at Road America? Both were Jim’s handiwork.

As well as being good to watch though, Jim’s clips always sound superb. So far we’ve been treated to the brutal cacophony of a small block Chevy in the McLaren and of course the racey snarl of a flat six in the Porsche. Today, we’re going to cover another area of aural automotive indulgence as we take a passenger ride around Sebring in what appears to be a Competizione-spec’ Ferrari daytona.


The clip begins with Jim waiting for the nod to join the track, so you’ll want to start at the 1:15 mark if you want to get straight to the action. Once out on track Jim doesn’t let us down and shows no shyness in taking the howling V12 all the way to the red line as he works the long-throw shifter through the gears. As we’ve come to expect he does a fine job of piloting the Daytona at speed, although we’d happily tune-in for the soundtrack alone.

A few things are worth pointing out. First, note that under braking Jim is fitting in a double de-clutch action along with his heel-and-toe. Second, do our ears deceive us or is there a hint of clutch-slip at a couple of points on the lap? Thirdly, Jim can be seen gradually reeling in what appears to be a Shelby GT350 Mustang at the lap progresses, but when both cars pull on to the Le Mans straight the outcome of the straight-line fight might not be what you’re expecting.

So, just the one lap of Florida’s most famous motorsport venue then, but what an experience it is! And what a noise …

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