APR 20th 2015

Cars That Rock Techno Classica: Porsche's Technicolour Targa

Of the hundreds of Porsche 911s littering the halls at the 2015 Techno-Classica, one bright and cheerful 911 Turbo Targa really stands out.


As Seventies as ABBA and the Curly Wurly, this mutlicoloured 911 marks the 50th anniversary of Porsche’s pioneering 911 Targa, and was modified in the mid-’70s by one of the first of the Porsche modifiers, BB.


Founded in the same decade by brothers Rainer and Dieter Buchmann, BB was the first German tuning company to upgrade Porsches, with the emphasis on luxury, more than performance.


The distinctive Polaroid rainbow stripes of the BB Turbo Targa caught the attention of the world’s motoring press in the 1970s, with this 911 appearing on the cover of numerous magazines across the globe. This BB 911, nicknamed Regenbogen in Germany (rainbow) also featured in the film Car Napping.

Photography: Tom Shaxson http://tomshaxson.com/

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