APR 24th 2015

Gallery: Mark Webber tests the Porsche 911 GT3 RS At The Nurburgring

Rumours have been flying round for some time that Porsche was planning a tilt at the ‘Ring record with it’s new GT3 RS, so when our intrepid photographer Jochen paid a visit to the Green Hell we weren’t surprised to find one making its merry way round.


What we didn’t expect was to find Aussie F1 ace turned Porsche WEC driver Mark Webber at the wheel of the bright red machine, which we first laid eyes on in Geneva earlier this year. With Webber in the area for the second WEC round at Spa next weekend, it seems Porsche decided he could do a bit of double duty.

While he didn’t appear to be pushing for an outright lap time, the car was littered with GoPros, and there may have been a sneaky VW camera car tracking its every move. So expect a nice video package from the boys at Porsche very soon. And when that clip appears on the net, you’ll find it on GRR.

Photography by Jochen van Cauwenberge http://www.frozenspeed.com/

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