APR 02nd 2015

STI Give Subaru BRZ Not‑So‑Subtle Makeover In New York

It could have been missed, with Subaru’s stand parked way off the main drag of the New York Auto Show’s large hall, but a bit of exploring revealed a tantalising glimpse at how a higher performance BRZ might look. Pink and blue reveals STI’s involvement, Subaru’s BRZ getting a thorough going over by the unhinged people at Subaru Tecnica International.


You cannot miss the massive, pink end-plated rear wing, overt bodykit, 18-inch wheels and swollen Brembo brakes, this STI Performance Concept aims to woo US buyers into the idea that Subaru is as much about performance as it is about outdoor pursuits. The row of iconic Imprezas as you entered the BRZ’s lair adding to the effect, though really the BRZ didn’t need much help.


Given the looks, something pretty special needs to reside under the bonnet, and the BRZ doesn’t disappoint here either. STI has essentially dropping one of its 2.0-litre turbo engines – boxer, of course – that usually sees service in its GT300 Japanese race car. Power should be around 345bhp, though that number’s said to be a touch on the conservative side.


Regardless, it comfortably answers the criticism from many that the BRZ (and its Toyota GT86 twin) are slightly lacking when it comes to punch. It will never make production, but it’s an interesting exploration into the possibility of higher performance production models in the future. We’ll have ours with gold wheels and some triple 5 stickering on the doors, please.  

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