APR 17th 2015

Techno Classica: Gallery #1

Techno Classica, as we’ve pointed out a few times, is the biggest classic car show in Europe. In fact, it’s hard to image there being a bigger gathering of this ilk on the planet. Such is its vastness that it makes you question just how long you really could go on admiring and scrutinising classic cars.


In total we counted 17 different halls over two floors housing a supposed 12,500 exhibits, most of which would pass as worthwhile car shows in their own right. But also there are corridors and annexes with more cars and providers of services needed by our beloved old machines.

Having spent two days here and endeavored to see as much as we can, each time we return to the Press Centre or bump into an acquaintance in one of the halls, someone will mention something we haven’t seen yet. This presents us with the choice of either trying to blag that we know what they’re talking about or admitting that we need to venture out again and look a bit harder …

What we’ve decided to do is present to you a few galleries showing the general scene at Techno Classica. Don’t worry, we’ll be bringing you many more specific posts in the form of our Cars That Rock… and some more specific galleries in the coming days. 

So, before you start getting up to whatever it is you’re getting up to this weekend, we’d recommend pausing for a browse of the first of our galleries, shot by our very own Mr Tom Shaxson (who reckons in all sincerity that he’s taken over 3,000 pictures since we arrived.) Don’t worry, there’s plenty more to come! 

Photography: Tom Shaxson http://tomshaxson.com/

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