APR 14th 2015

Video: Porsche 918 flat out on public roads!

Where can you take a fast car and drive it flat-out on the road? Sections of Germany’s Autobahn is one answer, although the majority of it has just the two lanes and is rarely empty enough in the daytime to get something like a Porsche 918 within sight of its terminal velocity.


There are vast areas of Interstate in America which are pretty quiet and which seem suitable for a high speed thrashathon, but word is out now that certain states lock some speeders up first and ask questions later. Oh, and when we say ‘locked up’ we mean in an actual prison. Handcuffs, orange boiler suit, the full bit. And for a few days, too…

Porsche has discovered an alternative though and has even produced this short film to show us how it should be done… or should that be could be done? Up in the vast Northern Territory there is a section of road called the Stuart Highway which ran an ‘Open Speed Zone’ trial for a year on a 200km stretch from Alice Spring to Barrow Creek. It seems that before the trial was over Porsche did us the good service of taking a 918 there and giving it everything, as you’ll see.

If the 918 hit its top speed of 340kph at the start of the zone it could theoretically have covered the 200km run in just 35 minutes and 17 seconds. That said, at one point in the video the speedo’ is clearly showing 350kph. That’s just over 217mph. Worryingly though, take a close look at the instrument binnacle when it’s indicating the speed. Is that a low tyre pressure symbol we see?

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