MAY 13th 2015

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Is Here at Last. And so is the sunshine!

When Alfa Romeo announced it would be slicing the roof off the 4C and fixing those questionable headlights, there were sounds of delight far and wide.


Now order books are open and al-fresco Alfa driving is available to all who wish to purchase. Of course removing the solid carbon-fibre roof and replacing it with fabric has required some tweaking, so the Spider gains an aluminium roll hoop and aerodynamic changes designed to minimise cabin noise when the roof is not plugged. The coupe’s ‘fastback’ rear is gone, replaced with a pair of buttresses and a new engine cover.

Already generally acclaimed as a thing of beauty, all anyone really asked for from the 4C was some proper headlights. Alfa has clearly listened: the Spider ditches the plastic lights of the coupe in favour of a more conventional design, and we think it looks all the better for it.alfa-romeo-4c-spider-detroitSince you’ll be paying £59,500 for a Spider, Alfa Romeo has thrown in an upgraded audio system, ‘luxury’ floor mats, a leather covered glove compartment and made parking sensors and cruise control available for free, although the last two remain optional.

Under the bonnet it’s all very much the same spec as when we let Anthony Reid loose in one on the hill last year, the blown 4-cylinder 1.8-litre engine produces 240hp and the Spider will hit 60mph in 4.5seconds and roar on to 160mph.

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