MAY 01st 2015

Firing On... TEN! Audi R8 LMX

Ahead of this weekend’s Supercar Sunday, we thought we’d get you in the mood with the sight and sound of this limited edition Audi R8 LMX.

It’s safe to say that someone who has owned four R8s is something of an enthusiast and Dominic Langdon-Down is just that. Having owned a V8, V10 and V10 Plus, Dominic tells us that this LMX is a keeper, after buying it in December.

This car is number 34 of the 99 LMXs made (LMX standing for Le Mans Experience, Audi presumably using some artistic license with their letters there), and it’s the final iteration of the first generation R8. It’s certainly a looker, with a neat rear wing, matte carbon fibre front spoiler and blue stitching inside differentiating it from the V10 Plus on which it’s based. And it’s the most powerful of the outgoing range, with an impressive 562bhp and 398lb-ft of torque.

Dominic is a Goodwood regular and GRRC Member and was at the recent Spring Sprint when we caught up with him. He plans to do the odd sprint and track day with the car, but understandably waits until the weather is good. Here’s hoping we have a good summer.

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