MAY 27th 2015

LaFerrari or... Koenigsegg + F1 car + £1M?

With a retail price of £1,150,000 and enough performance to sate even the most prodigious thirst for speed, the LaFerrari is one of the most desirable cars you could aspire to own. It costs significantly more to acquire than its famous rivals from McLaren and Porsche, but is there another alternative altogether?


The LaFerrari is a track-focused car. Brisk and comfortable touring across Europe it was clearly not designed for, although it is no doubt far from incapable. It could take you and a companion for a memorable trip to Milan and back in a weekend, but you’d rarely be tapping into more than a fraction of its performance potential on the road. On-track however, you could make far better use of the technology with which it veritably bristles.

But, what if you wanted even better on-track performance and a tad more comfort on the road? GRR got thinking about this and we’ve come up with a solution: Instead of buying a LaFerrari, how about a Koenigsegg CCX for the street and, say, a 2000 Arrows A21 Formula One car for on-track shenanigans? Furthermore, what if this could be achieved for the price of the Ferrari and still leave you with a hefty chunk of cash?

LaFerrari Koenigsegg

Let’s start with the road car and this Koenigsegg CCX. The bad news is that it can’t match the Italian car’s maximum output of 950bhp, although, with 806 willing ponies on tap, it aces the LaFerrari’s ‘non-HY-KERS’ number of 789bhp. You’ll have to be prepared to forego around 0.2 seconds in the zero-to-sixty battle, but if it came to an Autobahn duel the surly Swede could almost get within sight of 250mph, leaving the Italian an ever-diminishing dot in the mirrors once it had reached its maximum speed at just under 220mph. So, in terms of road-borne thrills the choice of CCX over LaFerrari won’t exactly leave you reaching for the Prozac.

Koenigsegg LaFerrari

On the circuit, however, the CCX – amazing machine though it is – would not be your weapon of choice if a La Ferrari was also at hand. However, if on-track speed is what you’re after then there is an alternative which would make even the LaFerrari blush; how about Jos Verstappen’s Arrows A21, complete with pit and starting equipment, up and running with a fresh Hart V10 and in supposedly ‘immaculate’ condition? Obviously we can’t scientifically measure the performance of the two cars, but in 2000 at Monza Jos Verstappen qualified in eleventh with a time of 1:24, while according to the LaFerrari needs at least 1:59 to complete a flying tour. Again, it’s not science, and the Arrows won’t have the same spec’ motor as it did in 2000, but there’s no doubt it’ll get you around a circuit way quicker than any road car.

Koenigsegg, LaFerrari F1

This brings us to the sordid topic of coin, and how much of the stuff you’ll need to part with for either the LaFerrari or the CCX/Arrows combo’. Well, the list price for the La Ferrari stood at £1,150,000 when new, whereas the CCX (apparently the only RHD paddle-shift example ever built) is available through Supervettura at £650,000 and the Arrows through at £299,000. So, that’ll be £949,000 for the pair. However, the Ferrari’s list price and the Ferrari’s cost today are very different things. We’re reliably informed that you might expect to pay in the region of £2,000,000 for a La Ferrari in today’s market. For that matter, the Koenigsegg is appreciating too, having been sold new by Supervettura for around £525,000 in 2009.

So in summing up, you could have a LaFerrari or a CCX, plus an F1 Car, and have just over a million pounds for a race transporter… and a house… with a big garage… and then be like this guy! Are you tempted, or is the pull of the prancing horse just too strong?

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