JUL 24th 2015

GRR Meets... the new Ford GT

The jury may still be out on whether the EcoBoost V6 motor in the back of the Ford GT is going to provide the audible thrills we all hope it will, but having been left alone in a studio with the new GT in London, GRR can confirm that up-close the car is as stunning a piece of automotive sculpture as it first appeared back in January.


Hopping excitedly around the car like a kid at Christmas we just kept on noticing more and more exquisite detail. The ‘hollow’ rear lights, the rear diffuser, the doors the headlights, the exhausts, the wing mirrors and of course what we ended up referring to as ‘the see through bit’ where air is channelled along the car’s flanks and exits out the back just either side of the exhausts. There isn’t a dull square inch of the car’s exterior. We could go on, but our ace snapper Tom Shaxson has done such a stunning job of the photography that you can scroll through the gallery above to see all of the Ford’s design details for yourself.

Ford GT

Carbon fibre features extensively both on the outside and in the car’s construction. We weren’t allowed inside sadly, but we could see that there’s plenty of the stuff in there, too. The rest of the technical bits and bobs we covered back in January when the first photos were released.

It says something about the rate of progress in very high performance cars and their motors when ‘more than 600bhp’ isn’t really much to get excited about. Despite this though, and the blue-collar origins of the original Le Mans hero, this car is intended to compete with the likes of the McLaren 650S, Lamborghini Huracan and Porsche 911 GT3RS. When the blue oval’s latest creation hits the test track with those machines, we’ll suddenly care somewhat less about its stunning appearance and more about how it lives with such exalted company performance-wise.

For now though, it’s well worth you taking a few minutes out from whatever you’re doing and thumbing though our gallery to take in what Ford has achieved in terms of the car’s form. It is nothing short of sensational. 

Photography by Tom Shaxson

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