JUL 16th 2015

Win a Mustang Fly‑Drive with a Difference!

Keen GRR fans will no doubt be aware that mere feet away from our office at the Goodwood Circuit is the Boultbee Flight Academy. Remember when we covered such topics as ‘So, You’re Thinking About Buying a Spitfire?‘ and ‘How to Fly a Spitfire Like You Stole it‘? Both of those posts were put together with the help of Boultbee and featured their Spitfire.

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Also sharing space with us here in our corner of West Sussex is Mithril Racing which has been putting on track days at Goodwood for over thirty years. Want to drive an Aston Martin DB4, Chevrolet Corvette, E-Type Jaguar, or Porsche 911 Carrera (to name just a few of their cars) at the home of the Goodwood Revival and Members’ Meetings? Speak to Mithril …

So far, so mutually-exclusive then, at least until recently when Boultbee added a North Amercian Aviation P51D Mustang to their list of warbirds in which customers can experience a range of flights, as they can with their Spitfires. Then we realised that Mithril also has a Mustang of the four wheeled variety. You can see where this is going, can’t you …?

Pretty soon Goodwood Road & Racing had gathered together representatives of each and a unique competition was born: Win one day at Goodwood where you get to fly as a passenger in the P51 Mustang and also get to drive Mithril’s Mustang around the circuit! All you need to do to win is answer two simple questions at the end of this post.

As for the vehicles themselves, the winged Mustang is affectionately known as ‘The Shark’. It was delivered to the United States Air Force in July 1945 and we understand was used mainly for training until it was transferred to the Canadian Air Force, who kept it until its retirement in 1959. After being used privately it was completely restored in 1980 and appears to have made its first appearance in the UK in 1986. In 1989 it was used with four other Mustangs in the film Memphis Belle and in 2012 was overhauled to gain a UK permit to fly. For 2015, as well as giving paid passenger rides with Boultbee, it will appear on the European Airshow circuit. Under the skin the Mustang uses a Packard built version of the immortal Roll-Royce designed Merlin V12 engine which sounds so good it’s worth visiting Goodwood just to hear it take off… as many times as you possibly can.

The earth-bound Mustang is an accurate replica of a 1966 Shelby 350GT. Dripping with correct Shelby parts this is one of the most popular cars on Mithril’s fleet and we’re informed is always the car most Mithril customers make a bee-line for. It runs a correct ‘K-Code’ version of the hi-performance Ford 289 cu.in. V8 which can dish out 300bhp even on a bad day, not that it has any of those. Introduced halfway through the 1964 model year (the earliest cars are therefore known as ‘1964 1/2’ models) the Mustang went on to become an all-time motoring legend. To drive this car at Goodwood would be unforgettable, to drive it on the same day as you get to fly in the P51 is something few individuals will ever get to experience.

Now for those questions …

*Competition closes 23:59 GMT on the 26th July

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