AUG 14th 2015

BMW tease hardcore M4 with GTS concept

You might feel you recognise this M4 GTS from somewhere, and you may well be right – as a very similarly styled M4 has been in use this year as the MotoGP Safety Car.


This, BMW say, is the M-Sport division returning to its roots, a special edition of the M4 following in the footsteps of such hardcore BMWs as the M3 CSL, M3 Sport Evolution and M3 GTS (noticing a pattern?).

But, despite the usually telltale overblown exterior, this isn’t just a one-off concept, designed to titillate before never seeing the production line. BMW have confirmed that the GTS is a ‘preview’ of a new high-performance model due to be revealled later this year. Excited? We know we are.

BMW GTS Concept

Outside the GTS takes the M4 Coupe and turns everything up to 11. There’s a new, manually adjustable, front splitter, giant rear wing, matte-grey paint, huge (19″ front, 20″ rear) orange alloys as well OLED rear lights, which will bring ‘an entire new look’ once the sun goes down.

Under the bonnet the GTS is fitted with some innovative water-injection tech, which is designed to increase power and fuel efficiency. No figures yet, but BMW say it will bring a ‘noticeable’ increase in power and torque.

Rosberg_FoS_promo_hill_14082015 BMW GTS copy

Sadly you won’t see this on a UK road any times soon, but if you’re lucky enough to be heading to the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in California this weekend you’ll see the GTS for the first time, and hopefully find out a few more details.

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