AUG 18th 2015

Video ‑ Is this the sound of the 280mph+ Bugatti Veyron replacement?

Could this be the sound of Bugatti‘s long-awaited replacement for the Veyron? Rumoured to be called the Chiron and potentially monstering it’s way up to beyond 280mph, it is set to become the second world-conquering hypercar of Bugatti’s VAG-group era.

Koenigsegg Regara One:1 promo Bugatti Chiron copy

As if the wait wasn’t hard enough Bugatti has released this short, rather cryptic, video as they continue their ‘endless hunt for speed’.

In the video an unseen driver talks of his quest for that holy-grail for petrolheads and, intriguingly, talks about the ‘race setting him free’, could Bugatti be pondering a racing return?

While we doubt that is in the pipeline for the near future, the fact that Bugatti ask us to ‘imagine the impossible’ just before an engine growls into life leads us at GRR to think this can be nothing but a trailer for the replacement for its all conquering Veyron.

We can’t wait to see it at FoS

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