SEP 22nd 2015

A BAC Mono for the sea? Sort of...

BAC Mono Marine

No, BAC hasn’t turned its Mono into an amphibious vehicle. Instead, it has launched (no pun intended) a Marine edition of the car which is specially adapted to suit the specific needs of yacht owners. If you thought a single-seater road legal sports car was a niche offering, then the Mono Marine takes the company into a smaller target market still.


So what’s required to give the Mono its sea legs? The most obvious piece of hardware is a crane arm, which has required the chassis to be modified. The car also has fixings to lash it to a helipad. To protect against salty sea air, components are coated with an anti-corrosive treatment and the car comes complete with an environmental control container system so that the car can be stowed on board with temperature and humidity control.

BAC Mono Marine

What makes the Mono suited to life on a yacht? Its low mass (580kg) means that a brace of Monos ‘cost’ little over a ton, but there are more personal reasons that BAC co-founder Ian Briggs has moved into the yacht market. He says:  ‘I started my career designing luxury yachts and I have wanted to combine my love of marine and automotive design ever since. The Marine Edition Mono represents purpose and style for a clientele that knows no compromise.’

There are currently four Monos per month being built at BAC’s Liverpool factory, with demand coming from Europe, the USA and Asia. The Marine edition adds quite significantly to the standard Mono’s £110,000 list price – each Marine will be built to order for £500,000.

BAC Mono Marine

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