SEP 15th 2015

The Frankfurt show cars you probably haven't seen...

Away from the hubbub of the palatial mainstream manufacturer stands at the 2015 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show (live feed here), a handful of smaller exhibitors are showcasing their wares, many for the very first time, and in a few cases, we suspect that last time too! Here are five new cars we spotted that you are unlikely to see featured elsewhere. Scroll down…

Revival 2015

Artega Scalo:

Originally launched in the late 2000s, the Artega GT was a German take on the Lotus Exige format, with a mid-mounted 2.o-litre engine and acclaimed handling. Despite a positive reaction to the car, including two appearances in the Supercar Run at the Festival of Speed, the Artega failed to make the grade, with the business failing a few years ago.

It is all the more surprising, therefore, to see the marque return today at Frankfurt, with a re-work of the GT coupé model. Now renamed Scalo, the Artega has swapped petrol power for 100 percent electricity, with this new model planned for launch next year, with just one car being built per month initially. Expect stunning performance from this lightweight green machine.


DLR RoboMobile:

Despite much media hype this year, driverless cars are surprisingly scarce at the Frankfurt Show, with Mercedes-Benz being the only volume brand to reveal an autonomous concept car.  The all-electric DLR RoboMobile is therefore all the more intriguing, as it combines four wheels that can turn 360 degrees independently (which sounds rather alarming), plus a total of 32 cameras which scan both the road and the sky to ensure collisions are avoided. Dekra has helped to fund this project, which is being actively used to collect valuable data on driving without a human at the wheel. The scuffed paint suggests it doesn’t always work!

DLR RoboMobile

Thunder Power GT:

A plush exhibition stand and two impressive-looking prototypes hint that the debuting Taiwanese Thunder Power GT is serious about taking on the Tesla Model S, plus other future electric saloons, when its first model enters the global market in 2017. One to watch…

Thunder Power

Roding Race:

First seen a couple of times in prototype form at the Geneva motor show, like many others, Roding is now planning to offer its mid-engined Race model in electric form, without sacrificing the car’s unique selling point; an internal ski rake that slots between the two seats, next to the transmission tunnel. Practical, providing the Roding’s electrical range is enough to get you to the ski station.

Roding Race

AG Excalibur:

In the unlikely event that you’ve ever wondered what a BMW X6 might look like on steroids, here is the answer! This is the extrovert AG Excalibur; an X6-based giant of an SUV that makes a Hummer look like the sort of thing a shy nun would drive. Different, yes, but pretty it is not!

AG Excalibur

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