SEP 17th 2015

Top Five... Concept cars at Frankfurt

Frankfurt Golf GTE

A quick last lap around the vast halls of the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show, to mop-up a few of the manufacturer’s concept cars that you may not have seen as yet…


Ssangyong XAV

Frankfurt Ssanyong XAV

With the re-energised Ssanyong brand enjoying global sales growth since being rescued by the Indian Mahindra group a few years ago, the SUV specialist’s recent models – such as the new Tivoli – are beginning to show real confidence and promise. Ssangyong’s rugged XAV five-door concept at Frankfurt gives a nod to the previous second-generation Korando model of the late 1990s, with its flared rear wheel arches and rotund, suggestive curves. Whilst looking backwards, we suspect the XAV is also a glimpse to a future 4×4 model in the expanding Ssangyong line-up.

Mercedes-Benz Concept IAA

Frankfurt Mercedes-Benz IAA concept

The Concept IAA might not be the most imaginative name, but this long and low four-door coupe hints at how a future Mercedes-Benz CLS model could look. The IAA name is a play on the official title of the Frankfurt Motor Show, but also stands for Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile in Mercedes parlance. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that should this Mercedes makes it into production, if the final version looks this exciting.

Citroen Cactus M

Frankfurt Citroen Cactus M Concept

Citroen’s recent C4 Cactus has been a welcome addition to our roads, with its playful looks and unique, utilitarian nature, recalling the legendary love-it or loath-it 2CV of decades gone by. Frankfurt sees Citroen teasing us with a beach-ready open top ‘M’. The M designation is a homage to Citroen’s cult plastic Mehari ‘Jeep’ model that adorned every sun-kissed holiday resort on the Med from the late-1960s onwards, with its detachable canvas roof, side steps for clambering onto the rear seat and plenty of room for surfer dude friends. Grab your shades, and check out Citroen’s purposeful Aircross SUV concept too…

VW Golf GTE Sport

Frankfurt Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport

Clearly the work of Ital Design, which the VAG group took over a couple of years ago, the svelte Golf GTE Sport seems conceptually closer to the Scirocco (or even a Lamborghini with its scissor-style doors) than it does VW’s humble best-seller hatchback. Will a future Golf look as sporty and aggressive is this? We certainly hope so.

Hyundai Vision G

Frankfurt Hyundai Vision G concept

Imposing and elegant enough to be a large coupe by Bentley or Jaguar, what you see here is in fact Hyundai’s take on how a future luxury two-door, four-seater could look. Hyundai says that its modern premium Vision G coupe is aimed at the ‘discerning and accomplished’ individual who doesn’t feel obliged to shout out that they have arrived. In this ‘you are what you drive’ brand-obsessed world of today, we find this approach very refreshing indeed, and applaud Hyundai for presenting one of the best-looking large coupes we’ve seen in a while, along with a tastefully executed interior. Now they just need to build it…

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