SEP 08th 2015

Unique Lamborghini Concept S: What are we bid?


Despite rumours at the time that Lamborghini was going to lash together 100 of these cars to be sold, the common consensus is that the Concept S was only ever intended to be a styling exercise, which we think is a shame. In the end just two were made. Well, one-and-a-half at least …


The car you see here was the only fully working Concept S; another ‘high windowed’ car was made purely as a show piece for the 2005 Geneva Motor Show. This example features the low-cut ‘saute-vent’ windscreens, which means ‘shifting wind’ or perhaps ‘insects in face’. So this one is the only one of its type that’s ever going to work, not that it’s done very much of that.


Since it was new it has reportedly covered a mere 180-kilometres in the hands of its one-and-only owner, who took delivery shortly after it was shown or the first time at the 2006 Concorso Italiano event. RM Sothebys, who are selling the car, reckon that much of that distance has been covered during initial testing and driving around show fields. It’s plausible that this car has barely seen the road, which is another shame.


Unsurprisingly there’s no mention of an estimate on the official listingIt is, after all, a unique proposition which has hardly been used and given the buoyant state of the market who knows what it could fetch – $3,000,000, perhaps? 

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