JAN 11th 2016

Caterham Introduces 'Mildly Saner' Seven 620S

Caterham Cars is introducing a new ‘S Pack’ and the wider-bodied S5 chassis as options for its fastest road car, the Seven 620.

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Caterham describes its Seven 620S as the mildly saner, more road-oriented sibling of the ballistic 620R, and it features such comforts as a full windscreen, hood and side screens, plus leather upholstery.

For the first time, the Seven 620 can also now be specified with the wide-bodied S5 chassis as a £2,500. The S5 is wider and longer than the standard S3 chassis, to better suit the fuller-framed motorist.

Priced at £44,995 fully built, the Seven 620S joins the 620R with the same 310bhp two-litre, supercharged Ford Duratec engine to provide phenomenal performance, adhering to Caterham’s philosophy of delivering a special brand of unapologetically raucous fun.

Caterham 620S

The Seven 620S’s styling includes15” Orcus anthracite alloy wheels fitted with road-going ZZS tyres. The 620S’s standard leather seats can be upgraded to carbon seats available for £600, or £995 for heated carbon seats.

Caterham Cars CEO, Graham Macdonald, said: ‘When we launched the 620R, we knew that we were unleashing a beast upon the world. It’s never been one for the faint-hearted and should really come with its own health warning.’

Orders are now being taken for the Caterham Seven 620 with the S pack and the S5 chassis options, with first deliveries expected later this year.

Images courtesy of Caterham

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