JAN 07th 2016

CES‑2016: Budd‑e Concept Points the Way to a Greener Future For Volkswagen

Whether intentional or not, Volkswagen is using the growing Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to divert attention away from its recent diesel emission troubles by revealing an optimistic all-electric concept, called the BUDD-e.

CES 2016 promo

The BUDD-e is hopefully a symbol of brighter days ahead, recalling the much-loved VW Type 2 microbus in a friendly-looking electric one-box concept.

Volkswagen is claiming a range of up to 373 miles on a single charge for the BUDD-e, with a battery system able to reach up to 80 per cent charge in just 15 minutes. The BUDD-e is built around what Volkswagen dubs a ‘Modular Electric Toolkit’ which in essence is a way of building electric vehicles to create as much room as possible for the car’s occupants and their luggage.

Whilst the BUDD-e’s technology might impress, where the VW concept really scores is with its neo-retro design, with a clear nod to the legendary Type 1 microbus, with a modern yet nostalgic design, both inside and out.

Volkswagen BUDD-e

Internally the BUDD-e uses a signal, continuous flat screen that extends across the majority of the dashboard, to enable both the passengers and driver to share the screen, pinging over content from their smart phones and tablets. Even the steering wheel uses a combination of swipes, haptic feedback and touch sensitivity to input commands to the vehicle.

Whether the BUDD-e provides a roadmap to Volkswagen’s future electric vehicle aspirations, only time will tell.

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