JAN 29th 2016

Gallery: Last U.S. McLaren P1 Sells For $2,000,000 At Bonhams!

Is there a hotter car on the market at the moment than McLaren‘s mighty hybrid hypercar P1? Second-hand P1s are now changing hands for more and more extravagant figures, and the original £866,000 ($1,350,000) price tag increasingly feels like a bargain.

Vauxhall GT Concept

The car you see in the gallery above is the latest to roll into and out of an auction house, attracting enthusiastic bidding along the way. It’s the last P1 ever built for the US market, number 371 of the 375 that were produced until Woking turned off the taps to deny a still baying public more fuel for its hypercar addiction. This particular P1 sold at Bonhams Scottsdale auction for $2,090,000 (£1,461,217).

Built way back in late 2014, the plain white P1 has only covered 300 miles since its owner picked it up from McLaren Chicago, and comes with a whopping $100,000 (£70,029) worth of optional extras. Or, to put it another way, an entire Jaguar F-Type bolted on.

McLaren P1 bonhams

Finished in Alaskan Diamond White, the car comes complete with a selection of accessories handed to each P1 owner from new, including a custom-built sculpture model of the car, carbon-fibre key box with the spare key, tools and books in the leather pouch, leather binder with plaque, car cover, window sticker, fire extinguisher and charging station.

This may not be the first P1 to sell for over $2,000,000, but you can rest assured it won’t be the last.

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