JAN 21st 2016

The Return of Coachbuilding? Touring Superleggera Plots 'Daring' New Sportscar

Touring Superleggera

Celebrated Milanese coachbuilder Touring Superleggera has announced today that it will be revealing a ‘daring’ open sports car – the first with this body style since the company resumed production in 2007 – at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

74MM Super Touring video promo

This new open-air sports car will mark the 90th anniversary of the founding of Touring of Milan in 1926. Despite great moments in its history – including the firm’s famed ‘Super Leggera’ (super lightweight) tubular construction system, as used in the Touring-designed Aston Martin DB4 – due to commercial pressures, the Milan-based coachbuilder and design house failed in the late 1960s.

Touring was revived in 2007, believing that the market demand for beautiful, hand-crafted coach-built motor cars, built in small numbers to an extraordinarily high standard, had returned. These haute couture criteria had traditionally been the driving force for Touring’s production, where the customer’s own preferences and taste would be accommodated.

Touring’s 2007 rebirth reintroduced the Company’s traditional coachbuilding industry, bringing together a talented design team and skilled craftsmen under one roof, with the aim of preserving and maintaining the art of the panel beater, whilst also integrating the most advanced engineering tools.

Touring states that its new sports car – to be revealed at Geneva on 1st March – will make a bold design statement of how its interprets the concept of an open sports car for the modern age.

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