JAN 01st 2016

Ultimate New Year's Day Anorak Quiz

If like me you can’t currently face another mince pie, cold turkey sandwich, draining the bottle of sherry or re-watching the Italian Job for the 19th consecutive yuletide in a row, how about a little bit of exercise to sharpen the senses in this strange wilderness zone between Christmas and the New Year? 

Fiat S76 Greats Promo

Okay, it’s probably cold, wet and dark outside, so physical exercise might be out of the question, so here’s a quick quiz of obscure automotive anorak  puzzlers to frustrate and exercise your brain.  No prizes on offer, I’m afraid, but the reward of seeing how you did when I reveal the answers in January (meanie, Ed).  Good luck, have fun, and a very Happy New Year to you all.

So, zip your anorak all the way to the top, and off we go…

Q1:      What connects the 1967 Aston Martin DBS, the Bond Bug, Lotus Seven S4 and Carlight Casetta caravan? 


Q2:      What was the model name of the more up-market and expensive Vauxhall Carlton derivative?


Q3:      Which one of the following car companies is the odd one out, and why?  Isuzu, Renault, Ford, Opel, Proton


Q4:      What was the Saab 600 better know in most European markets?


Q5:      What do the BMW 2002, DAF 55, Triumph Stag and Hino Contessa have in common?


Q6:      Excluding a handful of modern hybrids, what is the full model name of the only post-War twin-engined production car?


Q7:      What connects the Innocenti Regent, Lotus Esprit, Elswick Envoy, Ginetta G21, four-door Range Rover Classic?


Q8:      Name the make and model of a car that featured both three and five wheels, one regular passenger door, and one gullwing door


Q9:      Which of the following is the odd one out and why?  Renault 9, Austin 1800, Chrysler Horizon, Peugeot 205, Vauxhall Ampera


Q10:    Name a car that pre-dated the 1992 McLaren F1 supercar with a mid-engined configuration, three seats and a central steering position

Lead image courtesy of Aston Martin

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