FEB 11th 2016

Donkervoort Tease €251,000 D8 GTO‑R

Dutch specialist sportscar maker Donkervoort is previewing its updated range of extreme D8 GTO models for 2016, with a dark ‘teaser’ image to give a clue as to how its revised models will look.

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For 2016 Donkervoort is set to extend its D8 GTO family with new D8 GTO-S, D8 GTO-RS and D8 GTO-R models. Largely unknown in the UK, us Brits should be able to get a good chance to see the new 2016 D8 GTO models up-close at this summers Goodwood Festival of Speed, from 23-26 June.

Donkervoort describes its new D8 GTO-S as its ultimate model for the street. The new GTO-S (S for Sport) does not look very different from its older brother, the D8 GTO. However, the focus with the S is increased comfort for regular road use.

The new D8 GTO-RS revives a legendary Donkervoort model name as the ultimate D8 GTO derivate. Developed in total secrecy during the past two years from scratch, both in terms of design and engineering. The D8 GTO-RS will be available as of June 2016 as a limited edition of just 40 units, with a starting price of €151,173, excluding taxes.

The Donkervoort D8 GTO-R is the new brazen twin brother of the D8 GTO RS: the GTO-R (Race) being the first purebred racing car in almost 40 years of Donkervoort history, and intended purely for motor circuit use, and not road legal. The D8 GTO-R will be launched in the autumn of 2016, priced at €251,173, excluding taxes.

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