FEB 17th 2016

Geneva 2016: £110,000 F‑Type SVR Becomes Fastest Production Jaguar Ever!

Jaguar’s star sports car for the Geneva Motor Show this year will be a 200mph, £110,000, all-wheel drive coupe (or roadster) that you will be able to drive this summer. And this winter: Jaguar is billing its ultimate F-type as the ‘all-weather 200mph supercar’.

Geneva preview promo

It’s the F-type SVR, the first Jag to be breathed on JLR Special Vehicle Operations and a new hero model for the F-type range. Ahead of the show’s opening on 1 March, Jaguar has released a new image gallery of the new car – and confirmed all the numbers behind it.

They start with 567bhp from the familiar supercharged 5.0-litre V8; torque is 516 lb ft peaking between 3,500-5,000rpm. That these are modest increases on the standard F-type R – which has just 24bhp and 15 lb ft less – says more about how powerful that is already than any missed opportunity with the SVR. And of course one eye these days has always to be on efficiency, and with an official combined 25mpg and 269g/km of CO2 the SVR is no different from the F-type R.

There’s a handy weight loss too, with most of the 25kg saved being thanks to a new titanium and inconel exhaust system that’s half as thick as the regular F-type’s stainless steel exhaust – and saves 16kg as a consequence. It is also said to give the car an even fruitier exhaust note. Optional carbon brakes and roof save another 25kg.

Jaguar F-Type SVR

Acceleration 0-62mph takes 3.7secs (against 4.1 for the R) and top speed is 200mph, or 195mph for the F-type SVR convertible. That makes it the fastest F-type (the R can hit 186mph) and, says Jaguar, the fastest series production Jag ever.

That’s due in part to the tweaked looks – undeniably effective but little to do with styling and more about the aero, with the achieved aims of reducing both drag and lift.

The biggest difference is made by the carbon-fibre rear wing, which deploys automatically at 70mph (or permanently in dynamic mode). Other tweaks include include wider front valance, better engine cooling (note the new bonnet louvres), changed undertray and new rear venturi. Jaguar says rear lift is reduced by up to 45 per cent.

Jaguar F-Type SVR

SVO has done a job on the F-type’s running gear too, apart from the expected recalibrating of the all-wheel drive system and electronic vectoring and stability systems.

There’s slightly less roll control at the front and slightly more at the back, with redesigned rear knuckles offering substantial extra stiffness: 37 per cent in camber, and 41 per cent in toe. The result says Jaguar is greater control of the tyre contact patch (the tyres are slightly wider all round). So, not just a faster F-type but also perhaps a slightly tamed one? We look forward to finding out.

Highlights inside include all normal top-of-the-range F-type luxury and convenience features along with new SVR 14-way power sports seats in quilted leather – with some fancy colours (orange!) available for those who don’t want black.

Starting price is £110,000 (that’s £12,850 more than the AWD R coupe, but don’t forget the carbon brakes cost extra), or £115,485 for the soft-top, with deliveries of either starting this summer.

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