FEB 17th 2016

Geneva 2016: Mazda's RX‑Vision To Make European Debut

Mazda RX-Vision

Europe finally gets a chance to feast its eyes on Mazda’s gorgeous RX Vision concept at Geneva, where it will sit alongside the new MX-5 and a cleaner 1.5-litre diesel-engined Mazda3. The rotary-engined sportscar was first shown at the Tokyo motor show last October. The two-door, two-seater coupe previews a much-anticipated successor to the RX-8, assumed to be badged RX-7.

Geneva preview promo

Mazda says the RX Vision ‘is a shining example of Mazda’s challenger spirit as the only carmaker to ever succeed on the market with the rotary engine.’ Fingers crossed it goes into production as lightly changed as possible, and into a market where it would likely compete against models such as the Porsche Cayman.

Head of research and development at Mazda, Kiyoshi Fujiwra, told Auto Express back in October when the concept was unveiled in Tokyo: ‘We want to return the rotary engine to the market someday soon. It’s our heart and soul.

Mazda RX-Vision Tokyo

‘In 2017 it is the 50th anniversary of the Cosmo Sport [their first rotary-engined car]. therefore we want to announce something in 2017 – and not a concept car.’

We say this will be a contender for best-looking concept at Geneva on March 1 when it’s unveiled.

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