FEB 29th 2016

Geneva 2016: Mercedes‑AMG Goes Cabrio Crazy

Spring is in the air at the home of the three-pointed star. Mercedes-Benz will be going crazy for cabrios at the Geneva Motor Show when it opens tomorrow (1 March).

With the debut of the new C-class convertible – and there’s a gallery of new pictures of Merc’s star car for this year’s show above – the company will offer fresh air motoring in small, medium and large packages. And you can add ‘tiny’ to that if you include the Smart fortwo cabrio, a new hot Brabus version of which is also to be unveiled in Geneva.

Geneva preview promo

The others are either Mercedes-Benzes or Mercedes-AMGs. For this brief round-up we’ll concentrate on the quick ones. And they are quick, all able to sprint to 62mph from standstill in under 5secs. And they are? From top down the new convertible AMG order goes:

S65 Cabriolet – the convertible four-seat limo. 630hp, 4.1secs 0-62, price to be confirmed. Surely every lotto winners’ new must-have car. Car at Geneva will be the 130 Edition, to commemorate the invention of the car 130 years ago.

SL63 – refreshed version of the all-conquering luxury convertible. 585hp, 4.1secs 0-62, price from £114,100. There’s also a V12 630hp version if this one’s too slow…

SLC43 – refreshed and renamed SLK two-seater for 2016. 367hp, 4.7secs 0-62, £46,355. The first to get new ‘AMG lite’ twin turbo V6.

C43 4Matic Cabriolet – top performing convertible version of all-new C-class coupe. 367hp, 4.8secs 0-62, price to be confirmed. Promises to be much sharper drive than old-gen E-class cabrio, and complete with all-wheel drive.

Mercedes-Benz Cars auf dem Internationalen Automobil-Salon Genf 2016: Die Traumwagenoffensive  Mercedes-Benz Cars at the Geneva International Motor Show 2016: The dream-car initiative

Alas we don’t have details yet of the new Smart Brabus cabrio, but it will be a limited edition model and, on past form, could be a hoot to drive.

As the new pictures of the C-class cabrio released today show, the car is very much a sister car to the C-class coupe (see more on that here).

As well as the top AMG C43, the fabric-hooded four-seater will also be available in less powerful versions, powered by either diesel or petrol and starting with a C180 Cabrio with 156hp. For the first time all-wheel drive will be available too. No prices have so far been confirmed.

Features we like about the new C-class cabrio include draught-excluding Aircap and neck-warming Airscarf systems, optional Airmatic air suspension, a fabric hood that goes up and down in 20secs at speeds of up to 30mph, and a boot that offers 285 litres of luggage room with the hood down. Oh, and did we mention the clean-cut looks?

The C-class cabrio goes on sale from the summer. All we need now is some sunshine…

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