FEB 25th 2016

Video – The Weirdest Cars You've ever Seen?

We at GRR know that the motoring world takes all-sorts and we cast no aspersions on anyone for their personal tastes in motoring, indeed we have an entire weekly column dedicated to our own personal automotive anorak and his sometimes odd motoring desires.

Monza 1971 finish F1

But every now and then even we can’t help but stand and stare in amazement and the astonishing vehicles that motoring’s history has thrown up. Our visit to Retromobile in Paris was one example of that.

So here we present three utterly bizarre cars that crept in amongst the amazing automobilia at Retromobile. In the selection we have one ‘Rhomboid’ from 1968, which looks more like something from The Jetsons than Top Gear, a bus designed to promote a record company, and (perhaps controversially) Bugatti’s mighty EB110.

The last choice may leave some perplexed, but there is no denying that the car Micheal Schumacher once owned has some particularly unique design cues. But what do you think? Have you seen anything stranger recently?

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