MAR 28th 2016

Axon's Automotive Anorak Zipped‑Up Easter Quiz

Ferrari 360 Modena

With the long Easter bank holiday break nearly over, here are ten random Automotive Anorak questions to keep you occupied, now the heavens have opened to disrupt your Easter egg hunt in the back garden.  Well, it is a British bank holiday, after all…

As with my previous bank holiday Anorak Quiz last Christmas, this is just for fun, with no prizes on offer I’m afraid.  I will reveal the answers after Easter, but in the meantime have fun, and a very happy Easter.

So, zip your anorak all the way to the top, and off we go…

Jaguar XKSS promo

Q1: By what name is the Volvo 120-Series more commonly known?

Q2:  Which car manufacturer has used the acronyms ACT-4 and VTD for its all-wheel-drive systems?

Q3: Which one of the following cars is the odd one out, and why?  Gordon Keeble GK1, Alfa Romeo 1750 Berlina, Vauxhall Zafira, Reliant Kitten, Alpine-Renault A310

Q4: Name at least one car (make and model) with a front-wheel-drive and transverse engine mechanical layout that pre-dates the influential 1959 BMC Mini.

Q5: What do a 1955 Dodge La Femme, 2003 Skoda Superb and Goodwood-built 2015 Rolls-Royce Phantom have in common?

Q6: Buba, Fusca, Kever.  What car do we know these as in the English-speaking world?

Q7: What component connects the Ferrari 360, Matra Rancho, Noble M600, Alfa Romeo 8C Coupe and Morgan Aero 8 Coupe, and from which car does the component originate?

Q8: What is the specific name of BMW’s first front-wheel-drive production model?

Q9: What other car shared its basic body structure/body shell with the De Tomaso Longchamp?

Q10: What make and model name was the Aro 10 sold as in the UK?

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