MAR 01st 2016

Geneva 2016: Lamborghini Celebrates 100 Years With Bonkers 770hp, 217mph Centenario

How do you celebrate your 100th anniversary if you’re a slightly off-the-wall company like Lamborghini? With a €1.75million, 770hp, limited-edition nutter that will hit 62mph in just 2.8 seconds, obviously.


Therefore meet the Lamborghini Centenario, unveiled today at the Geneva Motor Show, just in time to slightly steal the thunder from the Aston Martin DB11 we’ll reveal in a few hours time.

Only 40 of the crazy-looking coupés and roadsters will be built (20 coupé, 20 roadster) and, we’re sorry to tell you that all have already been snapped up, so if you are in Geneva today, don’t bother getting your chequebook out.

Inside the Centenario is powered by a naturally-aspirated V12, pumping out 759bhp (770PS), which will propel the 1,520kg Lamborghini to 186mph (300km/h) in a staggering 23.5 seconds before storming on to a top speed of 217mph!

Lamborghini call this the ‘truest expression of Lamborghini’s commitment to new and inspirational design’ – which the Centenario’s bonkers design clearly shows. Based on an Aventador the new car is longer even than the mighty SV, which we drove last year, lets hope the next time we see it it’s howling up the hill at the Festival of Speed

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