MAR 02nd 2016

Video: Are These The Best Sounding Cars In The World?

What could the three best sounding cars in the world right now be? We think this little selection, brought together on the world famous Goodwood hillclimb, could all challenge for the title. The V12 Vantage and V8-powered Corvette Stingray and F-Type R all emit sounds capable of sending the GRR team a bit wobbly.

Berger 74MM promo

We invited Goodwood House Captain and all-round legend Anthony Reid to see what he thought of the trio, and let him loose in front of the house to see exactly what fun he could have in front of our cameras.

It’s safe to say that, on a pretty damp day, Anthony didn’t have much trouble getting any of the trio sideways through the first corner of the hillclimb, expertly drifting a total of 17 litres of motoring goodness to video perfection,

But, one question remains, which of the trio would you prefer?

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