MAR 14th 2016

Video: Lotus 3‑Eleven Breaks Hockenheim Lap Record

The Lotus 3-Eleven is the quickest production sports car around the Hockenheimring, beating such cars as the Porsche 918 Spyder – and that’s according to a German magazine.

Sport Auto’s chief road test tester Christian Gebhardt put the new Lotus, which was launched at the Festival of Speed last year, through its paces on the circuit.

McLaren P1 v Ferrari LaFerrari v Porsche 918 promo

It is not a long video: 1min 06.2secs for the lap (of Hockenheim’s short circuit) in fact, which according to Sport Auto’s Hockenheimring top 10 is a tenth of a second quicker than the mighty Porsche supercar as well as outpacing Gumpert Apollo, Radical SR3, Ferrari 488 and 911 GT2. And, you have to agree, Christian does make it look easy.

All of which begs a question: with its 500hp/tonne and 180mph top speed, what would the 3-Eleven be capable of around the Goodwood Motor Circuit? A rather quicker time we suspect than the Lotus that jointly holds the lap record – of course the Lotus-Climax 25, as driven by Jim Clark in 1965.

It could even put the cat among the pigeons in the Supercar Shootout at FoS this year… watch this space!

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