MAR 02nd 2016

Video: The Fuel Station Of Tomorrow Is Your Home, According To Nissan

Ever wondered what the fuel station of the future will look like? It’s not quite what you imagined, according to Nissan…

The manufacturer of the electric Leaf sees a future in which the car is powered by the street, and vice versa. In a world where cars, houses, offices and roads are all linked, Nissan Europe believes each will power the other, with energy constantly recycled and repurposed. Their vision, unveiled at Geneva and called Intelligent Mobility, looks at a world ruled by zero-emission, automated cars.

Jerez 1997 F1 promo

Paul Willcox, Chairman, Nissan Europe, said: ‘Technology holds many of the answers for the challenges we face in our cities today. However, the true power comes when those technologies are integrated with each other and the world around us.

‘We’ve been at the forefront of zero emission technology since 2010, but our vision does not stop there – we believe that the future of transportation is reliant on both infrastructure and the environment. We’re looking for real, workable solutions that go beyond the product.’

The resulting video is quite funky.

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