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Updated: MAR 25th 2022

Dan Trent

The seven best sportscars for 2022

The Sportscar is one made for keen drivers, where fun at the wheel is the number one priority. These are cars bought with the heart, not the head, and by those fortunate enough not to have to worry about practicality or other concerns, or perhaps with a second more everyday car. Performance obviously has to be exciting but handling is even more important than stat-based bragging rights.

Heritage and legacy are crucial too – these are statement cars and your affiliation to a brand, its history and values are messages you want the car to shout about out on the road. Two seats and rear-wheel-drive are a common theme, beyond that though our selection ranges from front- to mid-engined cars powered by engines of four, six and eight cylinders and with power outputs ranging from little more than 100hp to well over 500. Here are our picks from the current crop…

Updated 25th March 2022


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