Bentley launches Flying Spur Hybrid

07th July 2021
Bob Murray

With a touring range of 435 miles, 25 of them achievable on electric power alone, the latest electrified Bentley to join the range is the Flying Spur Hybrid, now available to order. Bentley says it delivers “refined serenity” for emissions-free town driving but is almost as quick as the V8 Flying Spur when you clear the ULEZ (ultra-low emissions zones) and plant the right foot.


Like the Bentayga Hybrid, the saloon’s engine transplant is made up of a 2.9-litre V6 under the bonnet with an electric motor squeezed in between engine and transmission. Together they power all four wheels according to whichever EV mode is selected; there are three, including one for electric driving only, so you can manage battery usage for a particular journey to best effect. 

Where the new saloon differs from the SUV hybrid is in the amount of grunt on offer. With 544PS (407kW) and 750Nm (553lb ft) the electrified Spur is 95PS (70kW) and 50Nm (37lb ft) to the good. One result of that is 0-62mph acceleration in 4.3 seconds, just two tenths behind the V8 Spur. Top speed suffers more though if that is important to you; choose the hybrid and you can forget 198mph, all you get is 177mph. You can also forget the charismatic V8 engine note of course. 


Compensations? Avoiding the ULEZ charges, that 435-mile range – as long as you remember to plug it in first – and likely much lower CO2 emissions and better miles per gallon. There are no figures yet though. All Bentley is saying on the subject is that the Flying Spur Hybrid will be the most environmentally friendly Bentley to date.

A tech update sees a range of features and connected services added that are specific to the hybrid – you can check battery usage on the head-up display for example and remotely start charging the car from your phone – while exterior differences are modest: a Hybrid badge and a flap where you plug in the power cable.

Price to be confirmed – expect it to undercut the V8’s £154,000 – and order one now for delivery this year.

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