BMW teases new M2 coming in 2022

09th May 2022
Ethan Jupp

BMW M have given us our first look at how the next M2 is shaping up, and from what little we can derive, it has the potential to move the game on even further still from the M2 CS it’s replacing.


In a social media post, BMW M has shown off a profile shot of an M2 prototype in full camo, with the gold multi-spoke wheels shrouding enormous drilled brakes there for all to see. It also features the largest rear wing we’ve yet seen on a production M2, with all previous versions ‘making do’ with a token lip spoiler.

The caption on the post reads “hints of great power. Stay tuned.” Given the CS went out with a 450PS (331kW) bang, suggests there will be a little more under the hood for its second outing, and certainly more than the new M240i xDrive. We’ll wait to hear whether it’ll share the current M3’s 500PS-plus twin-turbo straight-six. Even through the camo the broad hips of this prototype are easy to pick out with how they catch the light.

The M treatment has the potential to transform the looks of the quite gawky new 2 Series Coupe – it could benefit from a big set of arches and four warbling pipes out back. All in, not a lot has been given away and yet we can’t help but get excited for the next M2.

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