Flying Huntsman 90 Spyder is a Defender-918 lovechild

05th October 2023
Russell Campbell

Project Khan, which has brought us modified Defenders like the six-wheel Longnose and Homage II convertible, has launched its latest project, the Flying Huntsman 90 Spyder.


Based on a Defender 90, the Spyder has hammer-formed aluminium panels and a canvas roof similar to a Porsche Boxster Spyder, which folds away under a custom-made cowling with a glass rear window and integrated rollover hoops. While it might not look like it, the Huntsman boasts a similar amount of boot space to the standard 90. 

If you're looking for a Land Rover Defender that will stand out from the crowd, the Huntsman certainly ticks the box, and it's rare, too; just eight will be made, with production expected to be wrapped up by the middle of next year. Buyers can design a unique set of forged alloy wheels with their Huntsman.


Company founder Afzal Kahn explains: "This project is about more than creating another exciting and unique vehicle; it's at once a consolidation and continuation of our legacy of manufacturing special vehicles, supporting British craftsmanship and keeping the art of coachbuilding alive and relevant."

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