Zenvo Aurora revealed as a quad-turbo V12 hypercar weapon

16th August 2023
Ethan Jupp

Zenvo has revealed the long-awaited Aurora which, if you consider everything ranging from the 2007 ST1 to the very latest 2023 TSR-GT as one big family, is the Danish hypercar marque’s second all-new model. Indeed Zenvo calls it ‘the second chapter’, as the all-new carbon structure and bespoke quad-turbo V12 engine both underpin the Aurora, and form the basis for a potential new family of cars.


Firstly, the looks. Quite impressive for a marque carving out only its second-generation car, is the fact that what is a very different-looking sophomore entry still has a ‘Zenvo’ look to it. There’s something very arachnid-like about its silhouette and stance, that it shares with the TSR family of related cars.

The hexagonal grille is the most obvious carryover, albeit highly revised. It’s also now flanked by almost entirely porous openings that lead behind the wheels and out the side of the car, the exposed suspension components putting us in mind of the Aston Martin Valkyrie and Lotus Evija. Slim blade-like triple DRLs sit atop a single projector for a simple yet distinctive light signature. 

Rearward the car’s roofline tumbles down from the slim glasshouse into the rear deck, where a hexagonal housing for the quad exhausts sits high, above an enormous diffuser and between the sharp rear lights. Flanking under the lights is more negative space laced with insect-like suspension legs, offering another spectacular view through the car.


Zenvo Aurora:  Tur and Agil

It’s here where it becomes most obvious, that the Aurora comes in two different flavours. ‘Tur’ and ‘Agil’ are road and track-oriented versions, with the latter coming with lots more flaps, bodywork openings and an enormous active wing for more downforce – 880kg at 155mph to be exact. The Tur is a more elegant, road-focused version that has a higher top speed – 280mph versus the 227mph of the Agil. 

So why two versions? Well, Zenvo very much wanted the Aurora to be a no-compromise supercar in everything it was trying to achieve. Unfortunately, outright light weighting, high aero and track performance don’t often gel well with comfort, refinement and grand touring. So to not compromise on either, two versions were conceived. What made this an especially good idea, was the fact that research split demand for each 50:50 between drivers and collectors. Rather fitting, given there will also be just 50 of each, with production beginning in 2025.

“The Agil design was created first, working with a very logical and uncluttered approach to the complexities of aerodynamics,” said Zenvo Chief Designer, Christian Brandt.

“The outcome is a very Danish solution to managing airflow and generating downforce, which it does extremely effectively.

“Once we had decided on two models, the Tur almost seemed to appear as the natural design – stripped back to the raw elements, with the bodywork looking as if it is simply draped over the chassis in places. It is more of the ‘iron fist in a velvet glove’ approach with the clean, unassuming, but purposeful lines, but the final shape was something that came about very naturally.”


Zenvo Aurora: Rear or all-wheel-drive, 1,470PS or 1,875PS, both V12-powered

So yes, the two differ more beyond aesthetics and aero. The Tur for instance features an entirely bespoke setup tailored to touring and road driving, while the Agil will have a completely different, altogether more hardcore feel. 

The Tur packs four-wheel-drive, while the Agil stays rear-driven as standard in aid of weight-saving, with two extra motors at the front an option. On the Tur and AWD-specified examples of the Agil, they’ll contribute 400PS to the maximum total output. The weight of the rear-drive Aurora Agil is 1,300kg, rising to 1,450kg with all-wheel-drive.

On the inside, two distinct flavours of Aurora continue to diverge. In the Tur, delicious tan leather in combination with fine metalwork for the physical controls. Obviously, there’s still plenty of carbon, but you’ll note Apple CarPlay on the left-hand dial in the driver’s cluster. The Agil on the other hand, has a lap time display, while the rest of the cabin is a sea of carbon, alcantara and red stitching.

What both share, of course, is the new ZM1 modular monocoque design and MAHLE-designed 6.6-litre quad-turbocharged hot-v V12, also modular. That monster mill is good for 1,267PS and a redline of 9,800rpm. That works in tandem with an integrated e-motor in the seven-speed transmission, for a total of 1,470PS in rear-driven Auroras, while AWD Auroras with the two extra motors pack a massive 1,875PS total. The latter should manage 0-62mph in around 2.3 seconds and yes, it’s a hybrid so should be able to drive on electric for up to 21 miles. 

Reverse gear, shift feel and starting of the engine are handled electrically. It’s claimed that even with its four turbos, this engine will offer ‘more direct and better throttle response than an NA engine’, with the Tur and Agil getting bespoke mapping for both the engine and gearbox for the different use cases. 

Ultimately, Zenvo’s main goal with both Auroras was to tap into the emotions and thrill the driver. This is a car that, while impressive in a number of measures, isn’t focused on breaking any records. Its prerogative is to be a joy for its drivers. The Aurora will be shown in the flesh during Monterey Car Week, where GRR will be on the ground covering all the goings on. What do you think of the Zenvo Aurora? It looks like an exciting new era to us and the start of something much bigger.

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