JAN 01st 2014

Goodwood Hillclimb Roadtest; the leader board

GRR’s exclusive Hillclimb Roadtest is intended to pit the world’s greatest performance cars against the uniquely demanding twists and turns of the famous Goodwood Hillclimb course, and not against the clock.

Outside the Festival of Speed – when the meandering drive outside Goodwood House becomes a racing track for the weekend – the Hillclimb reverts to its status as a private driveway.

That means trees, sheep and pheasants are more in evidence than the hay bales or flag-waving marshals that line the course at FoS. Which is why our professional racing drivers are briefed to drive the cars in a fast, but moderated and repeatable fashion, stopping short of full ‘red mist’ mode employed at FoS when the clock is ticking.

Still, it didn’t take us long to twig that filming ‘comfortably quick’ runs up the famous roadway by world class racing drivers would deliver some intriguing comparisons in the edit suite.

So here’s the unofficial Goodwood Hillclimb Roadtest leader board – our best stab at piecing together comparative times from edited footage shot on the day of each test. Some shown in our Hillclimb Roadtest videos, and some left on the cutting room floor.

Interesting? We think so… even if it is really just for fun!

Make Model E.T. (Secs) Conditions
1 McLaren 650S 52.8 Dry
1 Porsche 911 Turbo S 53.9 Dry
2 Jaguar F-Type Coupe R 55.1 Dry
3 Renault R/sport Megane 275 Trophy 59.1 Dry
4 Radical Radical RXC 59.5 Wet
5 Alfa Romeo 4C 61.1 Wet
6 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 64.3 Wet
7 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S 65.2 Wet
8 Jaguar F-Type Roadster S 71.9 Wet



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