DEC 17th 2014

Video: Truck on track – Holden's Maloo super‑ute gets sideways

I think one of the great branding mistakes of the past decade was GM’s decision to import Holdens into the UK and re-brand them as Vauxhalls. No offence to the boys and girls of Luton, but there’s always something a little exotic about anything foreign. Why not celebrate that situation?


Holden – the name, the resonance – suggests clear blue skies, engineering simplicity and Peter Brock over Skyline. Vauxhall suggests something rather different (and it’s probably not typically this).

You cannot officially buy a UK Maloo pick-up featured in my latest video, but you could probably import one, even in the face of the unhelpful exchange rate.


But you can buy the GTS saloon over here. It costs £54,599 and it cannot match the very best German super-rockets, but it has so much character. If I bought one, the first thing I’d do is swap back all the HSV branding.

Enjoy the vid and I now expect all of you to hit the classifieds and look for used HSVs. I’d like a last generation HSV Clubsport estate.






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