APR 15th 2014

Video: Driving the McLaren 650S. Uncharismatic... Not.

Our first taste (on road and track) of McLaren’s new Ferrari 458 fighter

There’s a retrospective sense abroad, some of us are feeling, that the 12C launch was an unfairly chastening experience for McLaren Automotive. At the time most fashionable hacks made a big fuss about the 12C’s perceived lack of ‘theatre’ – and for those fed a diet of Italian exotics perhaps this rang true.

It never felt anything but utterly charismatic for me, but maybe I just bought the McLaren brand thing… you know, here’s the closest we can get you to total performance, with none of that overly demonstrative nonsense. Yes, I loved the 12C from the moment I heard about it.

The 650S is a McLaren 12C with a bit more of everything, as far as we can tell. When McLaren invited GRR to Ascari for the international launch, we jumped at the chance. Watch the video to see what ‘our Andy’ makes of McLaren’s latest supercar.

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