SEP 26th 2014

Video: Hot hatch mega test – old vs new with eight great hatches on the Hillclimb

Can modern hot hatches match the magic of their old-school predecessors? That was the loose premise behind our gathering of hot hatches on the Goodwood Hillclimb course. We’re in a hot hatch mood right now in the run up to the Hot Hatch Sunday Breakfast Club on October 5th.

This wasn’t a scientific road test comparison, but rather a chance to have some fun with our favourite front-wheel drive heroes. There was an element of getting hold of what we could on the day (how else do we excuse that Golf GTD?), but there was still plenty of fun to be had. Countering that sensible Golf was a stunning Mk1 GTI.

Racer Nic Minassian was tasked with driving all eight cars up (and down!) the hill. There was clearly some national pride when he saw old and new from Renault and Peugeot – that 205 GTi justifiably creating peak excitement.

But with rivals from Volkswagen and Honda on hand, the outcome wasn’t easy to predict – and Nic’s choice of overall victor at the end of the day definitely surprised us.

What didn’t surprise us was the amount of tyre-squealing, handbrake-turning, lift-off oversteering fun. Watch it all above…

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