JUN 23rd 2015

Chris Harris on (ordinary) cars: Is a BMW 320d all you need?

It’s a long time since Chris Harris reviewed what we at GRR would call an ‘ordinary’ car, but he is constantly asked why he doesn’t cater to the more everyday end of the market.


Well, now your wish has been granted, as our go-to petrolhead takes a mid-range, circa £30,000, BMW 320d all the way the the Nurburgring, eschewing the Aston Martin he raced for a load lugger filled with equipment and some Aston mechanics.

We’ll leave you to find out his conclusion, but it’s safe to say the BMW didn’t let him down and made its way to the ‘Ring no sweat, although whether he would have had more fun in the Aston is a question we will leave unanswered. 

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