AUG 18th 2015

Video: Chris Harris drives the (road going) Aston Martin GT12

OK, so Chris has already driven the Aston Martin GT12 before, but that wasn’t the production ready, road-going version, rather that was an angry, lightweight, stripped-down, Nurburgring 24 attacking, monster.

Rosberg_FoS_promo_hill_14082015 GT12

This time Aston Martin have let him loose in the real GT12, the one that you and I could own (not really, they’re all sold). So how does it compare? Is a road going edition a watered down experience? Or is the only solubility provided by the Welsh rain.?

We don’t want to spoil Chris’s conclusions, but it definitely seems to be the latter and the GT12, while able to act with civility on the road, is just as much of a monster as its racing brother, as we saw at FoS.

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